Homey Design came into the light in 2003 in Los Angeles, California to be one of the best furniture companies in the area. Homey Design Furniture brand is an important name controlling and affecting the field in no time with the best outstanding styles. The brand provides different styles and classy tastes for homeowners and interior designers who are always searching for a high level. Homey design furniture offers a wide range of luxurious dining rooms, comfortable living rooms, and some beautiful styles of bedrooms. The availability of different styles and collections will make it way easier for you to find the next perfect piece you have been looking for.

Homey Design Catalog

Homey Design Collections

What sets Homey Design furniture different from other brands?

Homey Design furniture brand has a team of very talented designers who create styles that are not only luxurious but also functional and stylish. Our team has managed to create a mix of traditional, classic, and modern pieces that can talk about your perfect style. At Homey Design, we are always working on the quality and uniqueness of the styles with seamless details to meet elegance in every piece. Homey Design also provides you with a different catalog of your needed pieces and collections that have the same style and design. The combination that you have always been looking for in your home, company, or office will be available with homey designs or else with customized designs.

Homey Design Furniture Materials talks about its royal products:

As for the attention we pay to having the best art and design team, we enrich our products with very high-end materials. Homey design furniture review by our clients speaks volumes about the sophistication, essence of excellence, and quality of our products. You can also select your product to be specially produced from any of the following materials:

  • Solid wood: This type of wood is one of the main materials used in different forms such as oak, mahogany, and pine. These materials are highly recommended for their characteristics of strength and elasticity to adapt to different styles and products. Moreover, the solid wood is highly favorable for the very long-lasting state that isn’t affected easily by daily use.
  • Natural Marble: imagine your dining room decorated with a piece of jewel as a marble table, What else could be more satisfying than this? The material itself speaks of beauty and smooth long-lasting investment in your home. In addition, the sophisticated details inked in the marble creation and harmonious layers add more beauty to our pieces.
  • Genuine leather: this is the one material that takes homey design products to the next level for how valuable it is. The perfect combination of natural leather and detailed design adds a touch of luxury and royal style. We provide many types and forms of leather to match the design perfectly.

What are the products offered by homey design furniture?

Homey design offers a huge number of luxurious products that are truly appealing to diverse tastes and styles. Either you are looking for a stand-alone dining room, living room, or bedroom, or else you can get your products as one collection with the same style. The different and diverse options we provide between choosing a stand-alone from the catalog or a group piece from the collection make it way easier for our clients to choose. In addition one of the most important providers of homey design is Mobilia Cleopatra in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Mobilia Cleopatra offers luxurious options and styles with the best quality available in the market.

The different pieces available at the brand now are:

Bedroom set:

Homey Design offers the best styles and sets after being in the furniture market for more than 20 years. You can choose between the well-known 6-piece king bedroom or either the 5-piece queen bedroom set. The sets are carefully manufactured with many details for the classic style and others for the modern. They have the perfect details of hand-made drawings with an amazing touch of brown colors.

Dining room set:

The homey design creates a very special set of dining rooms of 9-pieces. The set has a stunning dining table that speaks of beauty and luxury, in addition to six side chairs and two armchairs, all crafted of natural marble wood.

Living room set:

Coming to the living room is the most used room and needs to be comfortable and simple to use on a daily basis. Usually, the living room set consists of a sofa, loveseat, accent chair, coffee table, and two end tables with different styles and many options

Homey design catalog & collection:

Our catalog represents the main sets and options to your home or office pieces whereas the homey design collection merges between a number of sets in the same style and color. You can choose accordingly, either stand-alone or a collection for a unified style.

Custom design: this is your go-to option when you have some specifications for your style. Through this, you can select all the options of material, color, design, and style to your needs.

To sum up, homey design has been one of the best furniture brands present in the market for many years. You have access to a number of special and luxurious options that suit different styles and needs. Choosing between stand-alone sets or a collection will make your life better with high-end quality.