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Mobilia Cleopatra shall be your first platform to consider when it comes to selecting the furniture for the place where you comfortably sit having some quality time by resting and watching your favorite series "Living Room Sets".
We at Mobilia Cleopatra have got your back by bringing the most elegant, and durable collection of Classy Living Room sets at your Door.

Due to our presence in the market for the past years, we know exactly the questions and riddles that may hoover to your mind and we decided to answer them simply.

1- The style

What are the styles of sofas and living room furniture provided at Mobilia Cleopatra online?
Because style is the first thing that people start to consider while choosing their perfect grand furniture living room sets, we offer you endless options of different designs that manifest your personality and modes.

Whether you are looking for a modern living room set, Victorian living room sets, Italian living room Set, or traditional living room set, and of course classic living room sets, you will find your perfect match at Mobilia Cleopatra.

2- Colors & Sizes

Mobilia Cleopatra always seeks to provide unique designs in different colors and sizes that fit your room specifications and your specific taste.

We understand how mixing palettes of colors for modern living room sets with chairs is essential for the tasteful look you hope for, and yet, if you tend to use a monochrome set, such as tan living room sets, you will find plenty of options on our site. Knowing that you may need small living room sets if your flat is for one or two people, or large living room sets if you own a large flat.

So whatever the color or the size of the living room you're looking for, you can find it on the site easily using the filter.

3- Quality

The Living Room is your friend when you need to rest and host your loved ones, and even eat or study at night. So, we at Mobilia Cleopatra offer you durable Living Room sets that will last for years standing any type of use.
This applies to the chosen quality of furniture elegant living room sets for sale, premium fabrics, and different types of upholstery.

Most importantly, We limit our contract with those manufacturers who are worth trusting due to their devotion to only using premium materials.

4- The price

Because people look for luxury and sophistication, the product price necessarily comes at the end of conversations after making sure of the product quality.

We make sure to provide different collections of elegant living room sets for sale at affordable prices, in addition to repetitively adding discounts to our products.

Discover our Luxury Living Room Sets Collections

Mobilia Cleopatra offers you the largest exquisite collection of luxury living room sets, with a range of styles and designs, from Victorian Living Sets to Italian and modern leather Living Room sets, and of course big living room sets. Pick Now the finest furniture pieces and full living room sets for sale to elevate your space.

Victorian Living Room Sets:

Our Victorian Living Room sets collection is one of the most required choices for people who are in love with the opulence of Victorian ornate cravings, nature-inspired back designs, and thick classy fabrics; painted or gilded.
Victorian furniture is traditionally made from mahogany, rosewood, or walnut, sometimes, featuring intricate carvings of natural scenes such as flowers, leaves, bows, etc.

Italian Living Room Sets:

Italian Living Room Sets, provided by our Vendors, characterize both simplicity and elegance, through neat curves, elegant clean details, and darker shades of brown to go in contrast with the light ceiling and wall colors.

Our Italian Living Room Collection will add a touch of sophistication to your living space, it doesn't only get you back into an earlier era of elegant furniture designs, but also allows you to delve into modern vibes. Don't forget to ask about Italian leather living room sets.

Modern Living Room Sets:

If you're a fan of modern small living room sets, there's no better than sleek lined ornaments that go in harmony with the aesthetically inspired curvings and shapes of your luxury sofa sets for the living room and traditional sofa sets living room to fill the gap in the empty spaces.

What distinguishes our nice living room is the fact that each piece, starting from the sofa to the coffee table, is meticulously designed to combine both sophistication and functionality.

The harmonious marriage of form and function is evident in the thoughtful arrangement of furnishings and the integration of cutting-edge technology.

Modern Leather Living Room Sets

Modern Leather Living Room Sets would be the perfect choice if you are looking to add a touch of warmth, elegance, and neatness; a contemporary look that elevates your prestige.

Yet, it’s one of the top choices for those who work officially from their homes and their work requires hosting people.
From our wide collection, don't forget to add a touch of monochromatic palette colors, such as our living room sets brown (available in light and darker shades) to complement the look of your space.

Luxury sofa sets for the living room

Picking the perfect luxury sofa sets is the step that would completely transform your living room into a work of art, our furniture manufacturers pay attention to providing different types of sofa styles that feature straight or unfolding curves and ball legs.

In addition to all types of Upholstery elegant sofa sets, such as leather upholstery, fabric, velvet upholstery, and microfibre upholstery.

Our White Sofa Sets, provided with a cover, and sectional sofa sets are positioned as the most prominent sets that customers go and pick online. Moreover, we offer full sections for different pieces found in the living room such as pillows, recliners, tv tables, coffee tables, etc.

How to buy a living room set on Mobilia Cleopatra?

Buying living room sets on sale from our website is a cakewalk, from our smart interface, you can use all the provided filters to filter the limitless choices only to your specification.

  1. Go To the Living Room Category on the Header Section.
  2. Set the average price you want to pay for your living room sets luxury.
  3. Use the first filter of the brand name, if you don't care much about the brand, skip this step.
  4. Choose your favorite color for your living room sets sale.
  5. The fourth and fifth Sections limit the choices to the frames and styles you prefer in your flat.
  6. The sixth section allows you to pick the material of your living room, for example, you can pick whether your luxurious sofa sets are made of plain wood or another material joined the manufacturer phase.
  7. Select the colors you tend for.
  8. The dimension section is highly beneficial to be specific with your room dimensions.
  9. Finally, choose what is the upholstery color you need.

At Mobilia Cleopatra, we take your mission to pick the flawless living room sets on into a serious concern, because we know how it can maximize the look of your apartment furniture.

For this reason, we offer you the possibility to pick the most compelling choice online from our store in a wide range of options, including small living room sets sale, large living room sets, modern living room sets, classic living room sets, Italian living room sets, living room sets traditional, and dozens of other options.