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Metallic Gold HD-1801 Chest By Homey Design

Original price was: $3,050.Current price is: $2,288.

HD-1808 Chest By Homey Design

Original price was: $2,850.Current price is: $2,138.

HD-903 – Chest By Homey Design

Original price was: $2,572.Current price is: $1,929.

Belle Silver Chest HD-8022 By Homey Design

Original price was: $2,436.Current price is: $1,827.

Homey Design Chests

Homey Design Furniture introduces an extensive collection of bedroom chests that serve functionality and style. These chests are designed to provide expansive storage space for your clothes, linens, and other bedroom essentials, adding elegance to your room.


One of the most remarkable features of Homey Design Furniture's bedroom chests is their elegant design. They make various styles of bedroom chests, from traditional to modern. The conventional style represents ornate carvings and intricate details that give a chic look to the chest. The contemporary style is more minimalistic and sleek, with clean lines and simple designs. Finally, the transitional style combines elements from both traditional and modern techniques to create a unique look.


Homey Design Furniture finishes the bedroom chests with different finishings, including wood stains, painted finishings, and metallic accents. Some of their popular finishings are wood stains, including cherry, mahogany, and walnut. Their painted finishings come in different colors, such as white, black, grey, and blue. Finally, metallic accents such as gold or silver add a touch of appeal to the chest.


Plus their aesthetic appeal, Homey Design Furniture's bedroom chests also have many functional features. Some of their chests come with multiple drawers of varying sizes, which provide extra storage space for clothing, bedding, and other bedroom essentials. Some of their chests also have built-in jewelry drawers or compartments, which provide a convenient and secure place to store valuable items.