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White Gloss Finish 7PCs Dining Table Set HD-8089 By Homey Design


Burl & Metallic Antique Gold 9PCs Dining Table Set HD-1804 By Homey Design


Luxury 9PC Dining Set HD-9102 By Homey Design


Luxury 9PC Dining Set HD-9093 By Homey Design


HD-9090 – 9PC DINING SET BY Homey Design


White & Gold Brush Highlights Finish 9PCs Dining Set HD-1806 By Homey Design


Satin Gold 9 PC Dining Room Set HD-8092 By Homey Design


Metallic Bright Gold 7PC Dining Table Set HD-8086 By Homey Design


Dark Mocha & Metallic Gold 7PCs Dining Table Set HD-1803 By Homey Design


HD-903 – 7 PC DINING ROOM SET BY Homey Design


Metallic Gold 7PC Dining Set HD-1801 By Homey Design


White Gloss & Gold Brush Highlights Finish 9PCs Dining Set HD-8091 By Homey Design


Homey design furniture brand has been present in the market for decades, with a legendary team of designers and creators. The process of creating Homey design furniture passes through many steps So you can see the final product with the best Standards. The options and products vary to Suit many styles and needs Such as bedroom sets, living room sets, and dining room sets. For the dining room set, you can select between the 7-Pieces or 9-Pieces according to Your space and favorite style, and both are created with so many luxurious details.

The luxurious dining room set to choose from:

According to the homey design Catalog and collection, there are a number of available options between classic, modern, and Victorian. The dining room 7-piece set consists of a master dining table, two armchairs, and four amazingly detailed chairs. whereas, The 9-Pieces set in addition to the main table, there are two armchairs and six side chairs. The luxury 9 PC dining room set HD-959 is one of the most recommended sets, for its outstanding design and Colors, it comes with a light rose color merged with white and golden theme.

With homey design, You will find the styles and designs you have been looking for. All the sets come as a piece of art to give an impressive luxurious taste to your home.