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Bronze Ruby Palace Vase HD-180083 By Homey Design


Ceramic White & Gold Vase HD-1862 By Homey Design


Ceramic White & Gold Vase & Pedstal HD-1493 By Homey Design


Gold Brass Clock HD-8817 By Homey Design


Gold Brass Clock HD-8089 By Homey Design


Gold & Mahogany Finish HD-1157 Display By Homey Design


Bronze & Metallic Gold Floor Lamp HD-7932 By Homey Design


White & Metallic Gold Floor Lamp HD-7941 By Homey Design

Luxury Gold Face Right Lamp HD-7919 By Homey Design


Met Silver & Light Golden Oak HD-1205 By Homey Design


White & Gold Finish 45″Lamp HD-2177 By Homey Design


Luxury White & Tan Face Left Lamp HD-8025 By Homey Design


Homey Design Décor

Homey Design furniture is all about creating a cozy, inviting vibe. Their pieces are comfortable, functional, and stylish but, most of all, built to make you feel at home. Some standard features of homey design furniture include:


Soft and plush fabrics: Homey Design Furniture features soft, plush fabrics like velvet, chenille, or faux fur. Sinking into one of their sofas or chairs feels lush.


Warm wood finishes: Homey design furniture often use warm, rich wood tones like oak, walnut, or mahogany, which gives any space a warm glow.


Ornate details: Homey Design style includes ornate details like turned legs, carved accents, or decorative trim. These details add visual interest and a sense of elegance without feeling overdone.


Upholstered pieces: A ton of Homey Design furniture is upholstered, like armchairs, sofas, and dining chairs. The upholstery is comfortable and perfect for relaxing.


Vintage and antique-inspired designs: Homey Design also loves to take inspiration from vintage and antique styles. As a result, their furniture has this timeless, lived-in feel, contributing to the cozy, welcoming vibe.


Overall, Homey Design creates furniture and spaces that feel warm, inviting, and relaxing. Their pieces are comfortable, stylish, and functional, working together to build an atmosphere you'll want to curl up in.