Our story

Who are we?

“Mobilia Cleopatra” is a division of U-Trade Import & Export LLC. We are a family-owned & operated business. Our business was established in 2017 as an e-commerce store, and as part of our expansion, we opened a physical store located at 9950 Foothill Blvd # N, Rancho Cucamonga CA 91730.

We chose the name “Mobilia Cleopatra” for our store because we are best known for our Egyptian Handmade collection.

We follow in the footsteps of the great queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra is widely recognized as one of history’s most famous and influential queens. She was known for her intelligence, beauty, and her love for luxury. She was particularly innovative in her choices of furniture. Therefore, we chose Cleopatra as our godmother to inspire us in our quest for luxury handmade furniture selection.

Cleopatra’s furniture choices were not only stylish but also practical. She was known for her attention to detail and ability to make her palace beautiful and functional. On our website, we follow her steps in choosing furniture sets that combine fashion and practicality so that you can find luxury handmade furniture explicitly made on your demand.

Cleopatra’s love of luxury was evident in her choice of furniture, which was hand well-crafted and elaborately decorated with carvings, inlays, and paintings. In our choice of furniture, we select only luxury furniture that reveals elegance and sophistication and preserves the traditional appearance.